Getting to the gym can be tough.
Knowing what to do there can be even tougher!

Personal Training

At Benicia Fitness we employ a couple of wonderful personal trainers to get you through your workout.  Personal trainers can be for anyone. No matter what level of skill or fitness, everyone can use someone to help them achieve their fitness goals.  Whether you're training for a marathon, looking to build some muscle, or just want to stay healthy, our trainers are there for you.

Healthy for Life Program

As overall health is such an important part of our mission at Benicia Fitness we have recently introduced our brand new program, Healthy for Life.  To start with, we measure your body composition and body fat percentage as well as your levels of fitness when it comes to cardio, strength, flexibility, core and balance.   Based on these results and your goals, we then design a workout plan and or nutrition plan to help you achieve these goals.  We also offer follow up measurements of your body composition and fitness levels. You can choose to do the entire program or any part of it.

Boxing Lessons

Fun!  A workout for the mind and the body! An awesome stress reliever! Exhilarating!  Empowering!  These are just some of the ways or members describe boxing lessons with Cheryl.  So put on those gloves, focus that mind and prepare yourself for an awesome cardio, core and strength workout that will blow your stress away.

Our Trainers

Joy Rund

Joy has worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Benicia Fitness since 2004. In 2014, she took over ownership of the gym and has continued to share her passion for health and fitness with everyone to try to better their lives through exercise and healthy living.  

Born and raised in South Africa, Joy decided early on to study nutrition, earning a BS degree in Physiology and a MS degree in Dietetics.  She then moved to the US and got a Madd Dog Spin certification, became ACE certified in Personal Training and Lifestyle and Weight Management, and gained her TRX certification.  Using this knowledge, Joy creates workouts for her clients designed to meet their specific goals.  Her fun workouts incorporate not only free weights and machines but also balls, bands and the TRX.


Katie moved to Benicia in 2013 from New Orleans which is when she started to live her dream of helping others enjoy moving, strengthening, sweating, getting creative with their gym life/training, and challenging their bodies as much as she does.​

She believes our bodies were made to be active...and as often as possible! And is a true believer in being adventurous every day whether it’s inside or outside the gym.

​She is a Certified Group Instructor and Personal Trainer with both AFAA and NASM and is extremely passionate about fitness and looks forward to helping others change their lives.


Lori enjoys helping her clients improve their health and wellness with a safe, evidence-based approach. As a Kinesiologist (B.Sc), she focuses on optimizing health, injury and illness prevention, and extending the years of high quality life. She also brings over 20 years experience educating medical professionals in orthopedic injury prevention and management as a professional trainer (B.Ed).  

Lori’s approach to health and wellness coaching balances personal training with lifestyle assessment and counseling. She works with her clients to prevent and reduce risk factors for injury and lifestyle diseases, helping them aim for overall improvement of health and performance. Additionally, Lori has a special interest in aging, health and well-being.


Cheryl’s passion in fitness is unstoppable. She’s been a personal trainer & group fitness instructor since 2009. She is currently a full time student finishing her degree in Nutrition.  

Cheryl found fitness as a life style and she is very dedicated to share her passion in wellness. At Benicia Fitness, Cheryl teaches Tae Bo®️ Fitness, a total body fitness workout using martial arts techniques to work every muscle. She teaches different variety workouts as she as many certifications under her fitness profession. NASM Personal Training, AFFA Group Training, Taebo®️ Basic, Taebo®️ Advance, Tae Bo Boom Boxing, TRX Suspension Training, TRX Sports Medicine, Insanity, R.I.P.P.E.D, Ripped 4 Kids,U-Jam, P90X certified, Tabata Bootcamp, Certified CPR/ AED / First Aid.  Most of all, she loves to teach one on one Boxing Fitness.