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Cardio sculpt is a great way to get a full body workout in just one hour. It offers a mixture of strength training and cardio moves that work every muscle.

Gentle Stretch

Fitness is more than just strength. Our Deep Stretch classes can help improve flexibility and range of motion and also allow for deep tissue relief that can alleviate tight muscles and stiffness.

Gentle Yoga

A highly therapeutic yoga class for whole body healing, reducing fatigue, stress, and agitation, leaving you relaxed and renewed

Kick 'n Sculpt

Bring out your inner beast in this energetic and exhausting mix of Kickboxing and strength training.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga typically involves relaxing poses supported by props that allow you to completely rest and relax. This type of class is suitable for any level of fitness and is a great stress reliever.


Spin is a great way to include cardio without the jarring effects of running, spin allows for people with knee or hip pain to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Tae Bo

Tae Bo is a cardio, strength, and core class taught using martial arts techniques. This high intensity workout improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, and coordination.

Tae Bo Sculpt

A fun combination of Tae Bo and strength training sure to get your heart pumping.

Total Strength

A full body workout using body weight, balls, bands, and free weights. These workouts are designed to improve strength, balance, and core.


Anyone, at any level of experience or fitness, can enjoy and benefit from our yoga classes. A total mind and body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses along with deep breathing and relaxation.


Zumba is a fun, energetic dance workout to salsa, flamenco, and merengue music. Our zumba classes feel more like a dance party, but they are still an excellent cardio workout.

Our Instructors

The Hummingbird

Everywhere all at once, Joy teaches a variety of classes, personal trains, and runs the gym. All at the same time. Does she sleep? Does she even need sleep? No one knows.


Dancing Queen

With her background in jazz, tap, and modern dance, Jen's Zumba classes feel more like a dance party. She has filled our studio with her fun samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo moves for more than 17 years.


The Original Yogi

Linda has taught yoga at Benicia Fitness for over 20 years. Focusing on strength balance and flexibility, she has an eclectic style which incorperates many diciplines and poses.


The Entertainer

With his wonderful storytelling skills and great smile, one thing about Paul's spin and strength classes that everyone will agree on is that they're always fun and entertaining.


The Academic

In between lecturing at St. Mary's and being involved in the BEF, Neeley teaches spin, strength, and yoga classes. In spite of her calm demeanor, her classes are always a challenge and she will be sure to hit every muscle in her well planned workouts.


The Beast

We call her kick-butt Kati. Whether it be spin or strength, she will always be sure to give you an amazing, challenging workout.



She has kickboxed her way into our hearts. Gisella's high energy and fun classes bring everyone to the gym.


The Motivator

No matter what class Nicole teaches, be it spin or strength, you can be sure it will always be interesting, challenging, and fun. She loves the camaraderie and competitive edge that exists in her classes and ensures you get a good workout out every single time.

Nicole H

The Rhythm Queen

Jessie's mind-boggling dance moves and beautiful, bright outfits always ensure fun-filled, high-energy zumba classes.


The Early Bird

Start your day right with an energetic spin class taught by Mark. Even though he's a busy teacher and council member, he finds time to teach the 5:30 am spin.


The Gentle Yogi

Gentle and calming, Laura can help anyone do yoga. Specializing in hands-on healing and restorative yoga, there's nothing more relaxing for the body and soul than a class with her.


The Mindful Yogi

No matter whether you attend Sigi's strength, TRX, or yoga classes, you can be sure of of one thing: you will be challenged, and you will do it all with excellent form, alignment, mindfulness, and body awareness.



With four children to keep her on her toes, Nicole still finds time to keep us on ours. Her fun kickboxing and cardio-sculpt classes are sure to keep you in shape.


The Networking Yogi

Dynamic in every sense of the word, Claudia is a social yogi. She helps people stretch and strengthen their bodies and minds.


Hips Don't Lie

You can't not have fun in Matt's Zumba classes. With his awesome music and fun, hip-swiveling moves, his classes are always a hit.



Unstoppable. That's Cheryl. Not only does she kick butt in her Tae Bo and strength classes, she kicked cancer's butt and is stronger than ever.


The Soulful Yogi

Jackie likes to create an uplifting safe environment for all yoga students to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness. She believes the mind-body-soul connection is a sacred one that should be nurtured and inspired.