We provide a variety of cardio machines for our members looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness and tone their muscles.  Our lower body machines include treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and a variety of bikes, including recumbent, upright, and spin bikes.  In addition to these machines, we also have rowing machines and a rope pull machine for those looking for a total-body cardio workout.


In order to provide every member with the tools they need to build and tone their muscles, we have weights ranging from 2 pounds to over 100.  If dumbbells aren't exactly what you want, we also have bars, balls, TRX, bands, and bosus.


If you're looking for a more precise, structured workout, then our machines are perfect for you.  Each machine works a specific muscle or muscle group, perfect for people recovering from injury and since many of the machine exercises are completed while seated, they are a great way for people with chronic pain to workout without discomfort.

Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area is the perfect place for people looking to workout but who don't want to be stuck inside to do it.  With dumbbells, benches, a rowing machine, tires, ropes, a peg board, and a variety of boxing bags including a speed ball, a hanging bag, and a freestanding bag, the beautiful outdoor area has everything for a total body workout.


Outside of class time, our bright studio is open for anyone to use.  With an open floor, a wall of windows, and two other walls lined with mirrors, it's a great place for people looking for a quieter place to stretch or workout.  It has hand-weights, bars, balls, steps, and mats for people to use as well as a barre and TRX.