Healthy For Life Program

As overall health is such an important part of our mission at Benicia Fitness we have recently introduced our brand new program, Healthy for Life.  To start with, we measure your body composition and body fat percentage as well as your levels of fitness when it comes to cardio, strength, flexibility, core and balance.   Based on these results and your goals, we then design a workout plan and or nutrition plan to help you achieve these goals.  We also offer follow up measurements of your body composition and fitness levels. You can choose to do the entire program or any part of it.

Body Composition Analysis

We will take circumference measurements of chest, waist, legs, and arms as well analysis of body fat and body mass index (BMI). Body composition can tell you important additional information about your body and health that weight alone cannot provide.

Fitness Testing

We will measure your cardiovascular fitness, your upper and lower body strength, your core strength, as well as your flexibility and balance. Knowing your fitness levels and what areas of fitness you personally need to improve on can help you achieve your personal goals.

Fitness Program Design

One of our personal trainers will create a customized exercise workout and/or a weekly exercise plan based on your specific fitness goals. Having a plan can be very helpful in maintaining motivation and following a routine is imperative to achieving your goals.

Nutrition Program Design

Our nutritionist will create a customized nutrition program designed to help you meet your specific goals. Following a nutrition program is not the same as going on a diet, instead it provides a framework for you to build heathy eating habits while still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love.


If you are trying to meet specific milestones on your health journey, it is important to make sure you keep track of your progress. Since it can sometimes be hard or us to see the differences in our own bodies, you can follow your progress with additional body composition analyses and fitness tests.

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Our daycare is great for parents who just need an hour to go to the gym.  We provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child to play while you enjoy your workout.